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Welcome to the Virtual Golf Lounge!

Welcome to the Virtual Golf Lounge!

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Virtual Golf Lounge opens in Fulmer, Bucks to rave reviews...

The Virtual Golf Lounge has recently opened in the grounds of the well-known pub and restaurant, The Black Horse in Fulmer, Bucks. 

This studio offers a relaxed atmosphere with 3 bays all sporting the latest Trackman 4 technology which allows golfers of all abilities to enjoy and improve their golf all year round.

The venue is developing a full schedule of events and masterclasses with visiting PGA Pro’s to help golfers improve and socialise whilst enjoying the waitress service of the Black Horse.

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Services include:

  • Festive Deals for current and joining players (20% discount for non-peak and 10% peak playing times)

  • Masterclasses with Trackman certified PGA Pro’s to get the most out of the technology

  • 1-2-1 lessons with visiting Trackman Certified PGA Pro’s

  • Group Sessions with PGA Pro in attendance – Novice, Ladies only, Better Driving etc.

  • Party Booking – Christmas Party bookings from 24 November

6 Reasons to visit Virtual Golf Lounge

Cost of Playing

  • You won’t get cold and wet, and you can play in the dark!

  • Air conditioning, COVID air purifiers and a full waitress service from the bar provide a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the golf from early in the morning to late at night

  • With over 120 of the best courses in the world, Trackman has the biggest variety of courses on offer.  Coupled with a wide variety of games, drills, exercises and even the Trackman Artificial Intelligence system, there is something for everyone

  • Group Masterclasses are a great way of meeting new people and learning some useful tips and tricks from the local PGA Pro’s

  • Want to improve your practice?  Trackman offers 26 different ball and club data points to see exactly where you need to improve.  Many of the Tour Pro’s use trackman at home and on the range as their principal feedback system

  • The facility is planning a full schedule of events and competitions to provide a place for all types of golfers to come and socialise

  • Peak £40ph

  • Off-peak £30 ph

  • Monday Speical  £10 ph

With additional golfers at £10 ph

1-2 golfers can get around 18holes in 1hr with some taking 2hrs and 3-4 golfers can take up to 3hrs if they are really enjoying themselves in the social aspects.

Group bookings are encouraged and the team are flexible on costs for these bookings.  

They have recently hosted business events, children’s parties, golf societies and group events with everything from serious competitions to playing games and having fun.

Virtual Golf Lounge is situated in the grounds of the Black Horse, Windmill Rd, Fulmer, Bucks, SL3 6HD.