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Top Golfing Tips for the new 2022 season…

Top Golfing Tips for the new 2022 season…

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Top Golfing Tips for the new 2022 season...

Staring the new golf season with good intentions

With the new season upon us and the best professionals in the world readying themselves for the first of the major of the year (US Masters) most golfers we know see this as the starting gun for the new golfing season.

Now, we all think we can swing a club like Rory and can hit it as far and Bryson in our dreams, but the truth is, most golfers need to take stock at the start of the season and make a plan if they hope to improve. Yep, time to dust of the clubs and get focused, 2022 will be your year…right? Here’s a few Top Golfing Tips to follow…


  • Get the clubs out of the garage and give everything a good clean.
  • Clean the grips in hot soapy water with a scrubbing brush and leave out to dry.
  • Clean the grooves and sharpen with a tool – Groovefix do some great affordable tools
  • Get everything out of the bag and get rid of the empty wrappers and stuff you will not use.
  • Consider some new balls, tees etc

Review You Game

  • Get on the range and evaluate your swing.
  • Find a range which will give you feedback on ball data.  
  • Track you distances – note: Standard range balls will not give you accurate distances and the elements will affect the ball flight.  A modern indoor range or simulator will provide much better ball and club data and not be subject to weather issues. 

Book a Lesson

  • Get a Lesson and start the year with good habits
  • A professional golf coach will provide you with insight into your swing and provide some drills for improvement


  • Focused or deliberate practice is important to learn and develop the new skills from lessons. 
  • Trackman Indoor ranges will provide feedback on each swing to show you exactly what is happening.  
  • Trackman trained staff can also assist in the helping golfers understand the numbers. 
  •  Just smashing 100 balls may not make you a better player. 

Driving vs Putting

  • DRIVING – The chances are if you’ve not hit a club in more than three months, you will need to careful check you set-up. Finally, understand that after a winter lay off you probably won’t be hitting your handicap straight away, so get some practice in now.
  • PUTTING – The putter is the most used club in the bag but the least practiced by amateurs, make time to practice, even at home
  • SHORT GAME – Don’t forget the your irons – remember that PGA Pro’s don’t hit every green in regulation. So a good short game is essential to keep the score low.
Top Golfing Tips for the new season

The Virtual Golf Loungfe - How We Can help...

Virtual Golf Lounge provides the following services designed to make a positive impact on your game:

  • Golf Coaching
  • Driver Optimisation
  • Club Gapping
  • Understanding the Trackman system
  • Beginners Group Sessions
  • Junior Age Group Sessions
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