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Titleist PRO V1 RCT Golf Balls

Titleist PRO V1 RCT Golf Balls


Titleist RCT Golf Balls - What's all the fuss about?

Every golf ball manufacturer likes to bang on about their new golf balls being much better than the competition. 

This is nothing new but the fact is there are very stringent rules laid down by the R&A and USGA on what balls can and cannot do. 

There are limits on everything from weight, diameter, and travel distances.

However, every now and then a ball manufacturer will come up with something that helps golfers without really changing the rules. 

The Callaway Triple Track ball is an obvious example. 

However, a new Titleist ball may change all that. It looks exactly like a Pro V1 or a Pro V1X but a little logo on the side gives it away.

The Titleist Pro V1 RCT (Radar Capture Technology) has been developed in partnership with Trackman to produce the most accurate data for indoor golf simulators.


RCT Golf Balls, are they legal?

The RCT balls follow long the normal Pro V1 production route at Titleist.  

An additional step is inserted which prints the radar reflective strip onto the casing before the covers are applied.  

Add the RCT logo and the weight difference is so minimal that the ball is still within the tolerances of the normal manufacturing process.  

The difference is so small that the USGA considers the RCT ball to be the same as a normal Pro V1.

So why the big hoo haa?

What Titleist Say...

RCT golf simulator golf Ball for Trackman 4 Systems

Well, Trackman has tweaked its technology (algorithms) in version 2.2 of its software to ensure that the RCT ball provides an accuracy on ball spin (backspin and side spin) of over 99.5%. 

Previously, to ensure this type of accuracy on radar simulators you needed to mess about sticking the metallic dots to the ball. 

The RCT golf ball will provide all golfers with more accurate information allowing them to dial-in those yardages, increase confidence and become a better player. 

Club fitters and Coaches will also find this a great help for off-season work when many golfers look to improve their skills or get fitted for new equipment in an indoor environment.

Titleist also say they will extend the RCT technology into other balls within their range which should provide a ball for most players to practice indoors with. 

At VGL we are always keen that golfers practice with their ball of choice as this leads to a closer understanding of the ball flight and behaviour. 

This is always difficult on a normal golf range with additional issues of bad weather and rubbish range balls masking the flight of the ball. 

This is why many golfers are now seeking out indoor practice facilities as they provide much more data feedback regardless of the weather.

Virtual Golf Lounge have already ordered the new Titleist Pro V1 RCT balls and updated our Trackman Software to ensure we provide the ultimate data driven practice experience for all our golfers.