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Virtual Golf Lounge – Terms & Conditions

Virtual Golf Lounge is the trading name of GTP Golf Ltd of 145-147 Hatfield Road, St Albans, HERTS, AL1 4JY. All references to Virtual Golf Lounge mean the provision of services by GTP Golf Ltd.
Virtual Golf Lounge bears responsibility for the following unless stated otherwise within these terms, descriptions for some phrases have been listed below;

1. Client/User – General public user who can enter the property for use of the facilities when authorised.
2. Simulator Bay – One of 3 golf simulator bays located within the facility, for use up to 8 persons at any time.
3. Trackman – Radar technology controlled in all 3 bays which is used to measure golf ball flight and tracking.
4. Coaching – Tuition provided in the facility by a specified coach, either under the VGL brand or independently.

The Facility

A no running policy is in place throughout the venue and should be adhered to at all times.

Each simulator bay has a clear area laid out with astro turf and during operation only one player is permitted to stand within this area….

Signs are clearly laid out all over the facility and within the bays showing where the safe zones are to keep all users free from hazard. Virtual Golf Lounge cannot be held responsible for injuries where these instructions have not been followed.

Toilets are checked and maintained regularly, all blockages or breakages to be reported to a member of staff if not noted already. Wet Floor signs will be placed in the correct areas along with signs stating if an area of the toilets is out of use.

All damages and spillages must be reported to a member of staff immediately, failure to do so and resulting injury cannot hold Virtual Golf Lounge liable for the aforementioned.

Your safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us. In the interests of everyone’s enjoyment and safety, all members of your party are expected to behave responsibly throughout the duration of their visit to the venue.

Management reserves the right to decline to honour a booking and/or eject from the premises any attendee who is seen to be drunk or under the influence of drugs; behaving in a violent, disruptive or irresponsible manner; causing a nuisance to others; or responsible for the commissioning of a criminal or civil offence.

All users must take responsibility for the placement and safekeeping of their personal belongings while present at the venue. Virtual Golf Lounge cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to an individual’s possessions or personal belongings during their visit to the facility.


Bookings can bue made for use of the facility through three different methods; Phone, Walk-In and Online Booking.

In all cases, bookings are non-refundable unless sitable reasoning is deemed satisfactory by the management.

Where an error has been made, clients are able to contact the facility immediately and have these rectified for no additional charge.

All bookings will be paid in advance either over the phone or via our online booking system or on arrival for ‘walk in’ users.

Pricing and Payment

Virtual Golf Lounge operates three different pricing tiers for its simulator bays. Off-Peak, Peak and Prime. There may also be “online offers” in place during certain times of the year.

These times are specified on all booking areas, website and around the facility. They are specified via day and time during the week and can be found on our website.

Simulator bays are priced by the hour and are suitable for up to 4 guests per bay.

Payments are taken are taken via Card (Contactless payment/Chip and Pin from all major cards except American Express), Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Admissions and Identification

Virtual Golf Lounge welcomes all ages and abilities to use the facility but we do ask that children are escorted by a responsible adult.

Food and Drink

All food and drink is exclusively provided by our neighbours, The Black Horse Fulmer. Food and Drink can be ordered via our reception and is delivered direct to your bay.

Virtual Golf Lounge fully comply with the Challenge 25 Scheme and all staff will ask for identification should you look under the age of 25.

If a member of staff believes they are not right to serve alcohol to an individual this decision is final and must be respected, failure to do so may result in ejection from the premises.

Reasons for refusal of food or drink will not be limited to the Challenge 25 scheme, if a user appears to be under the influence of a large quantity of alcohol or becomes intimidating or abuse to staff this will not be tolerated.
All allergen and dietary requests must be made clear to a member of staff prior to ordering. There are signs within the menu and around the bar clearly stating this.

The Black Horse kitchen operates on a basis where cross contamination is possible for example non-gluten or non-dairy may be prepared or cooked in an area where gluten and dairy foods are processed.

Although every care is taken to prevent this, The Black Horse cannot stop trace detections of said allergens being spread.


Virtual Golf Lounge believes in security and protection for all of our clients and will never hold any user confidential data without consent.

Virtual Golf Lounge will NEVER pass on or sell any information to 3rd party companies at ANY time.

Card details are disposed of securely and are never kept on computer databases or on site at any given time.

Virtual Golf Lounge work closely with our payment providers at Square and are fully PCI DSS Compliant for all card transactions.

Virtual Golf Lounge reserves the right to alter or change these Terms & Conditions at any given time and the above does not affect your statutory rights.

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